My heavenly home is bright and fair, I feel like traveling on.”  That’s our theme song, but we don’t want to arrive in our heavenly home  yet—there’s too much to do and see in this one.

I’m Daisy.  My other half is  Skus (rhymes with bus).   We’ve been traveling together ever since what my parents hoped was a summer romance in Seattle more than 50 years ago.  We’ve logged miles  from Massachusetts to Washington State, from the Canadian Rockies to the Panama Canal, from sweet dreams to nightmares, from grief to blessing, from a barren desert lot to the home we planned and built together.

Our ages and my disability are catching up with us; the van we drive and sleep in is harder to get into, campground facilities are not always accessible for me, and  “hiking”  has become level-path strolling.  Most of our physical travel from now on will be with our children or grandchildren or via public transportation.   But for now we have people to love, most of Earth to discover, a tank full of gas, heads full of memories, and here we go!